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About Us

Frank Mannella’s path to becoming an AmeriGlide distributor began many years ago when he was working in nursing homes.  Directly interacting with seniors and learning about their daily needs and challenges provided him with some valuable insights.  He quickly noticed that there was a significant void when it came to producing and installing slip resistant surfaces in residential homes and nursing facilities.  It was only a matter of time before he started his own business, Slip-proof Safety, in order to help prevent falls and provide better safety for those with mobility challenges.  For the past ten years, Slip-proof Safety has been a fixture in the Justice, Illinois area and Frank has gone on to become an authorized vendor for grab bars and home modifications through the state’s Department of Human Services.  He has earned a reputation as an expert in his field who is committed to providing superior customer service.

After shopping online for a stair lift for his own mother, Frank became familiar with the AmeriGlide name.  He was so happy with the product he purchased and impressed by how easy it was to install that he decided to become a distributor!  Today, Frank is committed to bringing quality AmeriGlide products to the Justice, Illinois area so that anyone can enjoy greater safety and mobility in their home or office.

If want to learn how affordable it can be to purchase and install an AmeriGlide product, be sure to call or stop by our Justice, Illinois showroom today.  Our experts will be more than happy to work with you to make sure that you get matched up with the right mobility device to fit you, your home, and your budget.  


Company Expansion

AmeriGlide has worked hard to establish our reputation as the leading online retailer of mobility and disability products and now we are expanding our reach by opening distributor sites across the country.  We are excited about the opportunity to meet face to face with our loyal customers and provide them with the chance to stop by their local showroom and try out our products for themselves.